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Operations | 8 views | 04 Aug 2014, 12:00

Transformation, Black economic empowerment. Good for Business, Good for South Africa. The right thing to do. 

But we’ve tripped ourselves up, haven’t we? We make cynical short term decisions or we delay them, we blame the other when it does not go right. Partners have to choose each other recognising that it is a long term journey. It is one of the most important decision a small business owner has to make in this country at this time. And its cool, diversity is cool. For black and white to come together. Given our horrible history. 

Partnerships are of course not only about transformation. They are about bringing vested skills into your business, sharing the burden of often difficult business journey. Reducing the loneliness of leading a business by yourself. 

Getting transformation and indeed partnerships right does not mean all your business challenges disappear, that’s a fairytale. Perhaps it will give your business a greater chance at success. That’s what Think Big is about

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