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Updated 15 Oct 2019


Think Big Episode 4 - Olive Communications and Afrobotanics

Operations | 1014 views | 12 Aug 2014, 12:00

So what does it take to address your market ? You need intellect, insight and imagination. And most importantly you need to respect the market you are hoping to talk to.
Advertising and marketing has played an important role in South Africans re-imagining ourselves post apartheid – just seeing black people on TV in middle class spaces started creating that imagination.
And it is a much richer and more vibrant place as a result.The black middle class market spend approximately R400-billion annually – to a small or medium sized business, tapping into this market has big potential. 
Now equality is the size of your wallet! But it’s not quite so simple. The challenge is how does the marketer know who to market what to, and where that market is?

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