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Updated 06 Dec 2020

Cash management checklist

Being able to accurately forecast cash flow is essential when looking for funding.

Understanding cash flow and cash management for small businesses

  1. Don’t spend ahead of revenue. Avoid unnecessary expenditure.
  2. Bank all your money, and make sure that you get money from your debtors.
  3. Control is a big factor – As a business owner, you must be prepared to know about every cent that is going through your business
  4. Understand the risks of lost stock or revenue. Know your market, so that you can anticipate these problems in advance.
  5. Keep cash flow positive by paying suppliers as fast as possible.
  6. Take all your costs into account when calculating your profit
  7. Be careful not to rely on just a few contracts. Spread the risk as far as possible
  8. Follow due diligence with a potential client to avoid losing money
  9. Don’t grow faster than your cashflow can support


Manage your businesses cashflow with BizConnect’s Cash Management Checklist that provides expert advice on how to run your new businesses cash flow. Lear how to:

  • Manage spending
  • Manage revenue
  • Control your cashflow
  • Understand your market
  • Review the businesses finances regularly
  • Understand profit and loss
  • Overtrading dangers

The checklist covers all these areas and teaches you how to manage your businesses cash.



Word _Doc _IconClick here to download: Cash management checklist (Word Doc)


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