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Updated 01 Oct 2020

What funders look for worksheet

This worksheet outlines the questions that prospective funders might ask you.

What business funders look for before funding

It is important to remember that even if you “tick all the boxes” you may still struggle to get funding for your business. The following are four aspects that funders tend to focus on. If you have good, well researched answers for these focal points, you are more likely to be considered for a business loan.  

  1. Funders will want to know if there are many opportunities in your market, or if it is already close to saturated
  2. You must demonstrate that you have thought of a strategic advantage over your competitors. Faster, cheaper, higher quality etc.
  3. The skills and experience of your team are very important to your potential funders, as their expertise will determine the success of your venture.
  4. What will you do if you grow? Have you planned to expand?

There are four main questions that funders ask prospective fundees. Understand what they are, and prepare how you would answer them.


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