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Updated 29 Sep 2020

15 Super things every business owner should know

An introduction to a series of articles discussing everything you need to know as an entrepreneur. 

Dennis Armstrong, 27 July 2015  Share  0 comments  Print

All the answers to your unique business lifestage questions

Another self-help, listen to me, follow my lead series of articles, written by someone who does not understand the‘unique’challenges you face on a daily basis?

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Another bunch of lists, bulleted points, examples from afar... a lot of theory, sensible yes – but theory nonetheless... when what you really want is to have a sensible conversation about the things that impact your business, your industry, our economy.

Let me put your mind at ease

Unlike the performance of our franchises in this year’s Super Rugby competitionthis, particular, Super 15 series will hopefully not be a stunted mess of hit and hope, kick and chase, ruck and maul.

Over the next few months we’ll look at everything, from employee engagement and company culture to practical things you can do to improve cash flow, staff performance, turnover and the general well-being of your organisation.

If we can help it we may even be tempted to have a little fun.

Two, three and more heads are better than one

In addition to these missives, ‘How to’s’, case studies and the like we will also, from time-to-time, ask some of the country’s (more entertaining) leaders in business, sport, politics and such to give us their take on the key topics of the day – on stuff that really matters to you.

From a personal perspective I will share some of the lessons I’ve learnt, not only in terms of best practices for your business from an online / digital perspective but, also, in helping you overcome some of the basic challenges we all face as we look to grow our companies’ market share, or look to expand operations into new territories.

Just like you I’ve had ups and downs, and continue to do so – with challenges ranging from staff performance, legacy technologies and change management, to sales, marketing and internal processes that just do not make the grade in a modern world.

Just like you I continue to learn and will this series, hopefully, be of practical value to all of us in our respective industries.

Below I will briefly highlight a few of the article topics you can expect over the coming months.

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They are not cast in stone, of course, so do feel free to send your thoughts and suggestions to me and I will do my best to include all relevant topics in this series, and beyond.

That being said, in August and September we will be exploring the following themes:

  • Key metricsbusiness owners should track and monitor
  • Cash is king– how to ensure a healthy balance is maintained
  • Company culture– why it is more than a mission statement
  • How an engaged workforce can improve turnover, profits and customer loyalty

I look forward to taking this journey with you and thank Standard Bank for this grand incentive that encourages constructive debate, healthy conversation and proactive knowledge-sharing between citizens, entrepreneurs and business leaders of South Africa.

It is through communication that all problems can be solved, that progress is made, and that lives are changed.

Let’s make it happen.

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About the author

Dennis Armstrong

Dennis Armstrong is Group Executive at incuBeta and Managing Director of several companies in the online marketing space, including the recently launched NMP (SA) – a full service digital agency borne from the marriage between three specialist solutions companies, each bringing expertise in specific fields of digital marketing and technology. Dennis’s expertise include Marketing and Business development. He manages over 200 staff and is directly involved in growing some of the biggest digital accounts in South Africa from search, to SEO and display. Dennis is hands-on and available to advise on all digital marketing requirements.

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