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Updated 30 Sep 2020

5 Top customer engagement tactics to try in 2018

Want to attract more customers this year? Read this to discover 2018’s top consumer engagement trends. 

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With increased Internet connectivity comes greater opportunity for online commerce and subsequent client engagement.

Globally, 96% of customers with smartphone Internet access reach for their devices as the first port of call before purchasing products and services. They expect useful, relevant and convenient information access, provided through their chosen channel.

These heightened and evolving consumer expectations also hold true in Africa, where Internet penetration has reached 21.8%, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Add wearables such as smartwatches to the mix together with a plethora of connected devices, also known as the Internet-of-Things, digital customer interaction is both increasing daily and becoming even more complex.  So, just where are things headed this year?

1. A return to a humanised customer experience

In a response to the proliferation of chatbots and automated query responses, customers want to engage with a person.  When asked about potential customer service contacts either online or by phone, 85%of StarTek survey respondents said they would prefer a customer service representative versus a chatbot/AI or IVR (interactive voice recognition) experience. Company representatives and contact centres using video and digital engagement technologies will be the 2018 market differentiators.

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2. More seamless customer interaction

Dimension Data says versatile and responsive communication strategies should be underpinned by technologies that allow for multi-platform customer engagement. It’s no longer enough just to have an ‘app’.

3. Big data analysis boom

Companies leveraging big data such as geo-location, app usage, CRM data, speech/text analytics and contact centre meta data provide a more focused and relevant client engagement experience. Simply put, the better the analysis of customer data, the better a company can understand the customer and the better the company relates to and engages with, that customer.

4. Increase in wearables and IoT

With everything from watches to fridges now connected to the Internet it is imperative that companies tap into the Internet-of-Things (IoT) – currently some six billion devices. Via processes and technologies such as smart customer relationship management, companies should have the ability to compete in this largely automated market – worth an estimated of USD 11 trillion by 2025.

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5. Spike in user-generated content

Customer participation, specifically with the growth of social media, has been a major trend the past couple of years and will continue to be so. Companies that spend more time creating campaigns and programs inspiring customers to interact with and be part of their brands will continue to yield results.

So, where are you concentrating your efforts in the new year?


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Neil Summers

Neil Summers has many years’ experience in both sales and the tech sector. Prior to him taking up his role at Moonstone as Head of Sales, Neil was involved in many different projects and initiatives. As a consultant, he assisted companies and organisations in developing their skills, courseware and engaging in training projects for companies in the health, hospitality, tourism and financial services sectors. He has had a particular focus on end user environment, compliance and assessment.  He has managed various IT projects in both the private and public sectors and consulted to different technology companies with regards sales strategies and business development. Neil has spoken at international conferences and remains dedicated to the vision of a broad IT enabled South African and, indeed, global community. Twitter @neiljnb or email [email protected]

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