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Updated 24 Sep 2020

How to survive the seasonal slump

Every business goes through ups and downs. No business, no matter the size and style, is exempt from hitting bumps and slumps along the way - whether it be as a result of economic climates, general lack of revenue retention, or internal/external forces.

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Here are some tips and tricks that could help with avoiding the potential slumps this silly season:

1. Stay Inspired

If you’re in a slump, you’re likely to deliver below-average work. Delivering work of a substandard quality will make for unhappy clients, which is bad for business (and the bottom line.)

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Find ways to energise and inspire yourself daily. Whether it’s spending time with family, picnicking in the garden, heading out for a cup of coffee –do something that will re-ignite that fire.

2. Become budget smart

Often you’ll find that you’re going over budget and because you’ve become very comfortable in your day-to-day dealings, you’re probably using more money than you should be. Avoid this by becoming budget-smart – keep track of where, and on what, you are spending.

3. Sales 

In times of a slump, try and increase sales as much as you can. Sell, sell, sell and when you are done selling, sell some more. Look at the low-hanging fruits and try and upsell to existing clients. In most cases it’s easier to sell to a client that already knows your business rather than pitching and selling to new clients.

4. Pay the bills 

During times like these when things are tight, try and get your clients to ‘pay the bill’ on time. In most cases, especially in small businesses, you’ll find that companies go under because of bad cash flow practices. So try and get all of your money paid up front (or most of it, if possible.) It’ll ease the pressure off you and prevent a cash-flow problem.

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5. Stay atop of planning 

It may be hard, but plan ahead as much as possible. Preparation is key. Plan a day in advance to see how you can optimise your time during a potential slump.

Plan ahead for the following week too - you never know what business you might land. Plan for post-slump, and make note of how you will prevent being in that situation again.

6. Identify/Find the cause 

You will eventually turn your business around and level out as it were – beating the slump. But the key thing to understand, is how you got yourself there in the first place, to try and prevent it from happening again. Plan around those scenarios and create key indicators for the future.

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You will find that you once you’ve hit a slump, you end up thinking differently, and will apply those survival methods on a day-to-day basis. Stay inspired and keep selling.

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