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Updated 29 Sep 2020

Lead the charge by building your business momentum

Results matter, but they are not as critical as momentum. 

Lizwe Nkala, Entrepreneur, 22 July 2016  Share  0 comments  Print

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Momentum builders

Your business is the sum of many parts that need to work in unison to crank up the flywheel of results. Staff attitudes and self-belief are momentum builders.

Connect your best people with your product factory, your systems and processes and your customer needs in a system that generates career growth and fulfilment.

Momentum is achieved when staff are passionate about delivering solutions to customers while continuously seeking opportunities to stretch their own abilities.

Leading the charge

As an entrepreneur, you lead the drive for excellence. In tough times, there are many reasons why results cannot be achieved. Find and communicate reasons why they can.

Digging deep for self-drive and positive energisers will translate into team momentum-building that ultimately pulls the entire business forwards.

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Engaging the market

Shape the market by creating a presence for yourself and your business. Join industry forums and participate in conferences that will lift the spirit and ‘can-do’ attitude of your team.

Some businesses have momentum, others don’t; only conscious and deliberate drive to create it in yours will change your fortunes and achieve results. 

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Lizwe Nkala, Entrepreneur

Lizwe Nkala is an influential corporate strategist working at executive and board levels of large corporations. He is the MD of Flamingo Moon Consulting and a founding partner of the Strategic Thinking Institute, where he coaches executives and presents tailored strategic thinking seminars and webinars, and provides strategic thinking tools and templates on a subscription basis for corporate clients. For more, visit

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