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Updated 29 Sep 2020

Moments of truth and how they affect your business

Defining the moments of truth in your sales pipeline goes a long way to develop a trustworthy and frictionless relationship with your customers.

Bruce Wade, 13 March 2018  Share  0 comments  Print

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Moments of truth (MOT) are defined as moments when your customers interact with your product. The first moment of truth could be when a person buys a cake from a bakery; the second moment of truth comes when they taste the cake.

Each moment will define how they perceive and experience the product and form an opinion based on this moment.

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But with the introduction of social media and a more advanced level of interaction from customers and potential customers, we have seen the inclusion of new levels of MOT in the sales pipeline. Here are some of them:

AMOT: Actual Moment of Truth

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This is the actual or first moment of truth experienced by a customer who is engaged with your product or service. This could be online or in your office or store. The actual reality they experience may include joy, confidence or frustration and disappointment.

ZMOT: Zero Moment of Truth

The moment a customer first experiences your product without actually interacting with your business. This happens online through a video or post describing the features and benefits of your offering. The classic example of this are the range of ‘un boxing’ videos on YouTube.

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These are often posted by independent people who purchase and unpack a product for the sole purpose of gaining video views, but the give the viewer a moment of truth related to the product. This could be either positive or negative.

RMOT: Referral Moment of Truth

This happens between an existing customer of yours who is sharing their experience with another person (potential customer). What they say is based on their actual moment of truth experience by your business or product. They share their experiences and either refer or warn them about your business.

There are many other forms of MOT in a typical sales pipeline, what we need to do is define each and every interaction that a customer or potential customer engages or experiences your brand or product and ensure that it is a defines pleasant experience and as frictionless as possible.

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