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Updated 29 Sep 2020

Standard Bank and NWU showcase innovative University start-ups

Standard Bank, NWU and Innovation Highway partner to assist innovators and entrepreneurs partner with industry players.

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Standard Bank, the NWU and Innovation Highway have partnered to showcase exciting innovation projects taking place at the university. This is the first step in linking researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs with industry players to seek partnerships for the commercialisation of these inventions and innovations. 

With industry partners at our side, we can make a significant and lasting impact in the lives of millions of people.

Some of the innovative projects that will be showcased include:

Business in a Bag

Business -in -a -Bag -logo

Business In A Bag (BIAB) is your business' solution to enterprise development credits for your BBBEE score card.  The first BIAB package is a Waterwise Car Wash Model Business, were 1 bag creates 2 jobs in a single package. The starter pack includes all the utilities and equipment required to kick-start their Waterwise Car Wash operations, training, support and first round supply of their refill eco-soap contents.  We're working on some other business packages as well.

Contact details

  • Contact: Mzwakhe Sifuba & Kgaugelo Maripane
  • Cell No: 081034903917/ 081 3718268

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Dupreez Innovations

dPI is aTechnology InnovatorandSolution Specialist. Harnessing a diverse combination of experience and expertise, we focus on the alternative energy markets. We have created cutting edge energy management algorithms that solve real-world battery management problems. Prototypes have been extensively tested in solar car racing in South Africa and abroad, with numerous accolades received.

Contact details

  • Contact: Raynard du Preez & Johan de Beer
  • Cell No: 082 868 4487/ 083 279 3965
  • Email: [email protected]


Ferticide -logo

Ferticide is developing novel eco-friendly, non-toxic pesticides for agricultural use. Its first product is a nematicide, for application on potato, tomato, onion, beetroot, carrot and cabbage crops.  Ferticide is currently nearing the end of the first round of lab trials and entering into small scale field trials as a nematicide.

Contact details

  • Contact: Johann Marais & Francois Taute
  • Cell No: 082 903 6777 / 072 3774669

Food Life Extender

Food Life Extender produce and sell a natural, biodegradable thin gel coating for fresh produce, which significantly extends shelf life of produce without the use of a cold chain. The gel is edible, tasteless, odourless and transparent and totally safe for human consumption. It has strong anti-microbial properties and promotes an aesthetic glossy appearance. Initial store base tests (apples, oranges and grapes), show that shelf life can be extended by more than 3 days, and potentially several weeks.

Contact details

  • Contact: Johan du Toit, CEO Kemajo Food Technologies (Pty) Ltd.
  • Cell No: 082 569 6552 

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Green Coal Technology

A novel “Green Coal” product formulation has recently been developed and the utilisation concept tested at the North-West University coal research laboratories. An effective system for coal gasification. The Technology produces environmentally friendly coal briquettes using discard coal and discard material as binders with 50% less Sulphur emission and in a single step progress. The bio-char addition to the formulation is considered a renewable energy source, thus carbon credits can be claimed due to the reduction in CO2 production

Contact details

Livestock Reflector

Livestock -Reflector -logo

Livestock Reflector is a start-up business that supplies a long-lasting (3-5 months) reflective spray paint for livestock and game. The product assists with night-time visibility of stray and other animals, such as donkeys and cattle, which graze on unfenced and uncontrolled communal or municipal land. 

Contact details

  • Contact: Morebodi Kaotsane
  • Cell No: 0733041169

Lumegen Laboratories

Lumegen is a veterinary diagnostic laboratory that focuses on molecular (genetic) testing. Currently Lumegen Laboratories serves the exotic bird industry and more recently the bovine animal health industry. Lumegen Laboratories has partnered with the NWU to develop specialised tests for the wildlife industry focusing onnon-invasive foetal sexingin various species.

Contact details


MyLab provides small scale Chemistry and Natural Science kits for use in schools and homes.  The kits include training manuals and worksheets for Teachers and Learners, which cover the whole syllabus of Natural Science for Grade 4 to 9, as well as Chemistry for Grade 10 to 12. The training manuals and DVD's show every natural science and chemistry experiment in great detail.  Enable and empower teachers with MyLab.

It is designed by Professors with a keen understanding of the needs of both teachers and learners.

Contact details

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Panthomax -and -Acupharm

Panthomax (Pty) Ltd is a specialist pharmaceutical company and owner of the proprietary Panthomax drug delivery system. Panthomax is a liposomal, colloidal fatty acid drug delivery technology developed by a compounding chemist. It enhances the bio-availability of actives.  Panthomax has application in medicines, animal feeds, fertilisers and more. It is currently performing efficacy tests on two medicines with application in the plastic surgery.

Contact details

NWU Random Number

The NWU's Random Number generator technology enables the generation of truly random numbers for use in encryption applications. It is internationally patented and boasts ultra-high speed operation, cost effectiveness, ultra-low processing power usage.  It is presented as a small and portable plug-in device. Application is ideal in financial services and telecoms industries.

Contact details

  • Contact: Paulus Kruger
  • Cell No: 018 299 2506


We are starting a company to bring Quinoa (pronounced Keenwa) to South Africa as crop. Known as the “rich mans” food, Quinoa originated from the Andean countries and is a highly nutritious crop that contains more protein (especially lysine) than most other plant foods. World average yield is equal to 5 t/ha

Contact details

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Soil Microbes

This company commercially designs, cultivates and supplies customised soil microbe and plant solutions for rehabilitation of mine dump tailings. We design unique solutions for each mine tailings material i.e. coal, platinum, gold etc. It will serve as a ready-to-go product for easy on-site application  to improve  rehabilitation of acidic and alkaline tailings storage facilities.  

Contact details

  • Contact: Piet van Deventer/ Claudia Schimmer
  • Cell No: 082 855 4533/  082 358 7959

PX Technologies

PX Technologies is an integrated science and engineering company that focusses on developing process solutions based on per traction technology developed by the North-West University Our specialised services entail pre-feasibility studies, engineering designs, specifications and economic evaluations with the intend to demonstrate per traction technology as a possible solution for various sectors

We partner with hydrometallurgical, petroleum, food and pharmaceutical industries while serving environmental issues as well.

Contact details

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