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Updated 29 Feb 2020

Think big

It is said that when being attacked by a wild animal, you should spread your arms and appear as big as possible to scare the animal away. The business world is very similar. Your turnover might not be "blue chip" just yet, but your approach should be.

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If you want to grow your business, you have to think bigger than your current situations: bigger contracts, different customers, even more professional products and services. You can only grow if you spread your wings.

The countdown to success

10. Work Smart. Spend your time productively. Come up with new ideas and ways to service your clients, better your product offering, or manage internal processes.

9. Constantly improve. It's not just about keeping up with your competitors, it's also about setting trends. Think about how you can improve on the previous day and the previous project.

8. Differentiate your business. Be unique. Sell the benefits of your product or service, and the emotion attached to it.

7. Think big. You can take on bigger competitors head-on by focusing on your specific strengths. Small businesses are often more flexible and offer a more personalised service.

6. Strive to have a good reputation. Keep up your quality standards and be vigilant.

5. Be innovative. The business world changes every day. You need to change with it.

4. Make a good first impression. Strive for accuracy and quality the first time around- you may not get a second chance.

3. Find a niche market for your products and services. You can't reach everyone, so focus your efforts where they're most needed.

2. Listen to your customers. React to what they say. It is because of them that you are in business.

1. Plan for success. It helps you to define your business concepts, estimate costs, predict sales and control your risks. It tells you where you are going and how to get there.

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