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Updated 29 Sep 2020

VIDEO EDITORIAL: What is 'open innovation' and what are banks doing in this space?

In this fast changing world, open innovation and collaboration are increasingly becoming less of a differentiator, and more of a ticket to the game.  This statement applies as much to banking as any other business sector. 

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‘Open innovation and collaboration’ is about sharing powerful ideas and bringing together the world’s most inspired thinkers (from all walks of life) to address various delivery challenges impacting on individuals, communities and organisations.  Further to this, it is opening up the playing field for aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

Below, please find the link to a video clip that we thought would be of interest to your audience. 

In this clip Jayshree Naidoo, Senior Manager: Innovation Excellence at Standard Bank, explains what ‘open innovation’ is and what banks are doing in this space. 

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