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Updated 26 Sep 2020

10 Secrets of the world’s richest business leader worth emulating

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely business and sometimes needing a helping hand is just a click away. Living in a technology era, the opportunity to connect to global think tanks, influencers, leaders and visionaries who set the benchmark is literally a click away. 

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A top tip of one of the world's most influential entrepreneurs (Bill Gates) is the power of reading and following. With July already upon us, and the hustle of keeping a business together in challenging times setting in, finding a book that shares so many life-saving business lessons by one of the most influencer business leaders of all times is a gamechanger.

The idea of sharing content that lives in books, in mindsets, in libraries and in boardrooms in a digital age when sharing information is so much easier, is a resource we seldom tap into.

Sometimes when one hits rock bottom, it’s how you choose to use your boredom, trade your hustle and look at new ways to reinvent.

I should really not be talking Travel or #HackingTheTravelCode, but here’s a quick hack. Always try buying a book in every country you visit on the sidewalk. You never know what you will pick up. In India, just outside Church Gate we found a book in a plastic encasing for 180 rupees (about R45 or USD3) titled 10 Secrets of the World’s richest business leader – The Bill Gates Way.

Reading the book has propelled me to look at business operations in a way that can accelerate ideas into opportunities.

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These 10 Secrets of the World’s Richest Business leader could be your game-changer:

One: Be in the Right Place at the Right Time

Two: Fall in love with technology

Three: Take no prisoners

Four: Hire very smart people

Five: Learn to survive

Six: Don’t expect any thanks

Seven: Assume the visionary position

Eight: Cover all the bases

Nine: Build a byte-sized business

Ten: Never ever, ever take your eye off the ball.

In just an overnight read I have some ideas we can implement at JT Comms

To engage and use technology to give us the edge in a digital era is to know what to do. Like Microsoft Small businesses need to create a business culture that recognises the importance of technical experts. Most companies according to Bill Gates have traditionally valued generalists more highly than specialists. At Microsoft, the software developers are regarded as more important than the managers. Investing on the outcome at the outset matters.

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Lead technology to shape the future. This is defining my own thinking and already helping to share a thought process. The simplicity of how Microsoft does not always invent but are exceptional at taking good ideas, developing them and making them into a commercially successful product is something we can emulate in our business model.

Bottom line – Bill Gates is not an original thinker and does not rate people who are obsessed with original solutions to problems. Who knew. It seems most people only have one brilliant idea in their entire lifetimes. I like that Bill Gates believes that most solutions already exist somewhere and simply have to be identified. This he claims is his own great talent. Bill Gates, love him or hate him has too many lessons to keep trapped or contained. Entrepreneurs use digital to get into the inner circle.

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Vanessa Perumal is an award winning Social Entrepreneur, Connector, Lobbyist, Disruptor, Innovator, Visionary, Media and Marketing strategist and thought leader. She is a mom of two teenagers who loves cooking and is on a mission to share original African Narratives. A global citizen, Vanessa is passionate about travelling and exploring new cultures and experiences. She is a savvy #PublictyConnector and on a journey to use digital to disrupt and transform.

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