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Updated 30 Sep 2020

2017 is here. Time to create your ‘Best Life’

Here we are, a new year. Some of us are happy 2016 is over, while others had the best year of their lives. 

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2017 is the 7th year of the decade and it is predicted that it will be a year of drastic change. So, in light of all this uncertainty, it makes sense to me that the only way to live is to create your own life based on your definition of what your Best Life looks like. If you have not spent enough time defining your Best Life and your life’s purpose, this will be the year to do it. Make your New Year’s resolution to start living your best life.

To live your best life, you need three core components; Creation, Maintenance, Protection:

1. Creation 

Everyone is different and what each one of us wants for our lives differs from that of other people, and that is perfectly fine. You don’t need to want what others want, but you need to know what you want to create. Defining what your ‘Best Life’ looks like is essential and it is important to spend time thinking about it and to review it regularly. 

The creation of a purpose-driven life gives meaning to your life and makes your life count.  Once you understand what your successful life looks like, you can put measures in place to create it. 

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What I have learned is that your purpose is not the same as your goals. If your purpose is the same as your goals, you lose your purpose when you achieve your goals. Your purpose is the reason why you are on this planet and usually your talents and the things you love will give you a hint as to what that will be. 

Understand that this is a journey and if you do not start this journey, you will never know what the end destination is. Create your Best Life on paper. Write down what it looks like and visualise it by cutting out pictures of the things and people you want in your life.  

Understand what tools, skills, habits and traits you need to become the person that can live the life you envisioned on paper and set put to become that person. Remember the journey of creating it is as important as achieving it. Have fun every day. If you do not have fun creating the life, you will not have fun when you ‘receive’ your Best Life. 

This stage can be seen the same way as when planting a new garden.  It takes a lot of planning, watering, feeding and weeding to create a beautiful garden.

2. Maintenance

Business -goals -in -2017

Once you feel that you have achieved the life you want, as per your definition, the next phase will kick in. The maintenance phase is where you often have to unlearn old habits and create new ones; the habits that created your Best Life, might not be the same as the ones you need to maintain it. To create your Best Life, you might have to take riskier decisions than usual and try things out to see what works. In the maintenance phase, you don’t need to do these, but you need to keep growing and share the fruits of your work.  

The difficulty of this phase is, realising what to let go of. 

To use my garden analogy, there is a lot more weeding and pruning required and not as much planting.

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3. Protection

Whatever your definition of a Best Life is, you need to protect yourself, your business or whatever it is you wish to create. You need to find out who the people or structures are that can do this best and put together a team and processes to ensure that both in your creation phase and maintenance phase, your affairs are in order. Your team needs to understand what the picture of your Best Life is, and as experts work with you to create, maintain and protect it.

Your ultimate Best Life, is right in the centre of what you created, how you maintain it and how well you protect it. I have managed to create my own Best Life and have so many people wanting to know how I managed to do it and to share it. I have spent many hours thinking about how I managed to achieve my results over the years and this is the system that worked for me. 

I have started a community of like-minded people who want to create their Best Lifeand want to be part of this conversation, and if you would like to join, please visit my website on

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