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Updated 28 Sep 2020

Are we (in life and business) becoming slaves to technology?

Today we are more connected than ever. We use multiple devices and applications to access and manage the stream of information that comes from our always-on world. But are we fast becoming slaves to technology to the point of us not connecting personally? 

Glenn van Eck, 27 July 2017  Share  0 comments  Print

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A recent survey revealed that our always-moving, always-on bubble is overwhelming us, especially ‘Millennials', the youngest of our workforce. To simplify the chaos, we can use technology to aid us to stay productive and perform at our best. Here are some ways to manage your always-on world:

Boundaries are critical

Agree boundaries with your team, senior management and clients with regards to when you will be available for work-related queries. Beyond that, be disciplined about 'switching off' to allow yourself recreational time.  If your business requires a 24/7 approach, ensure you share this responsibility amongst the team. Time off is essential for productivity. 

An app a day

Use technologies to manage information for you like, push/pull notifications on your smartphone. Many apps help save time but be careful not to subscribe to so many that you end up more confused than when you started.

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Be in sync

Keep your information together by making use of Cloud technology, sync your devices so that you don’t duplicate efforts and ensure that you have accessibility across platforms wherever you are.


Filter the information that comes to you so that you can prioritise it. Organise your Inbox using colours; do the same with your diary. Schedule specific time in your calendar to implement actions agreed to – and stick to it. The biggest enemy of focus is distraction – and today’s world is filled with distractions.

Clean up

Yes, clean up/clear out old data (emails, files, documents) regularly to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information on your systems. Outdated or redundant information will weigh down on your psyche and slow down your searches, making you less efficient.

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About the author

Glenn van Eck

Aged 20, Glenn started a gardening service in his second year of University, and sold it five years later to buy Magnetic Storm. Still at the helm, Glenn has grown a two-man disco into a full-service event and tech company with offices in Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, servicing the entire country. Glenn has also invested in Chas Everitt Nelson Mandela Bay, the Electoquip franchise (now incorporated into Magnetic Storm), established Imagio Productions with Glen Meyburgh, and joined forces with his brother Shaun to form The Tourism Coach.

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