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Updated 29 Sep 2020

Better formats make for better meetings

Systemistising the format of your meetings will guarantee better outcomes.

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All the answers to your unique business lifestage questions

Use this three-part format to ensure your meetings run smoothly:

1. Reflection

The results of the last week eg. progress on projects, financial/sales targets met or not etc (It is a good place to find out what information the team value i.e. what they would like to know about)

2. Looking forward

What's coming up in the next week: who needs what in terms of resources, manpower, assistance, who will be responsible for what.

3. Thinking big

This section will be devoted to dealing with the little irritations that are clogging up the smooth running of the business.

  • What is one thing that is working well in the business?
  • What is one thing that is preventing this business from being even better
    • The ground rules here are that it is not about blame - no names needed.
    • It is about defining the challenges objectively. eg. "When I need to process the invoices on a Friday they haven't been cleared from inwards goods" rather than "Tom never gives me the invoices when I need them"
    • Ask “why?” 5 times to get to the root cause. “Why hasn’t inward goods cleared them?” – because they’ve been too busy unpacking boxes. “Why are the boxes taking so long to unpack?” – because they are not labelled. “Why are they not labelled?” – etc etc...
  • The improvements are then prioritised into
    • The unchangeable.
    • That which we can change immediately for no cost.
    • That which we will improve eventually with financial input and time.
  • Put into action one of the improvements suggested in category b. Do this by having:
    • a team member volunteer to take responsibility for making the action happen.
    • the business ensuring that resources are available

Remember, we are looking for a system solution, rather than trying to change a person

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