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Corne’ Krige’s leadership insights

Former Springbok captain turned business owner Corne’ Krige believes that leadership is an essential component in moving your business forward. 

Nadine Todd, 19 December 2015  Share  0 comments  Print

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Emotion can both help and hinder your ability to lead your team, whether you’re a Springbok captain, leading a team onSurvivoror a business owner trying to inspire your staff and grow a profitable business. Here’s Corne’ Krige’s take on the role of a leader.

“Business is emotional. Most entrepreneurs are passionate about their companies, which are also their livelihoods,” he says.

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“While emotions allow us to have empathy for employees, customers and suppliers, you can also make poor decisions when your emotions are running high. Competing on Survivor South Africa: Champions just highlighted this.


Leaders have a responsibility to their organisations, employees and suppliers to allow emotion to give them empathy, but not lead to knee-jerk, emotional decisions. 

“When you’re living under such extreme conditions and you’re always tired and hungry, any decision you make is filled with emotion.

“As a leader, you have to be able to manage your own emotions, but you also have to help everyone else manage theirs as well. I would be exhausted, living on four hours of sleep at best, but the tide would be up and there’d be a brief opportunity to catch some fish for dinner.

“As team leader, I knew that if I didn’t get up and get busy, we’d all go hungry that night. Good leadership is about more, than thinking about your own needs. You need to take everything and everyone into consideration.

“While you’re controlling your own emotions, you have to support your team as well. I often had people on my team who wanted to quit. The first thing I’d ask them is; was it because they were tired and hungry and emotionally drained. When they said yes, I had to help them take emotion out of it; to pretend they’d just eaten a big steak and had ten hours’ sleep, and evaluate if this decision would still be the right one. They’d invariably say no. ‘I sacrificed a lot to get here, I’m prepared to carry on.’

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“Survivor is extreme, but so is business. A lot of people are dependent on you for their livelihoods. There’s a lot riding on your decisions, and the higher up you go, the more you impact your organisation, other businesses and individuals who rely on you.”


Before you make a decision, critically evaluate if you are making a reasonable decision, or reacting to negative emotions instead. Learn to determine what influences your decisions to become a better, more consistent leader. 

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