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Updated 29 Sep 2020

Mandi Fine's best advice on creating time for good ideas

Carve out time outside of the office for new and innovative ideas. Here's how Mandi Fine is the group CEO of Fine Healthcare gets it right.

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Mandi Fine is the group CEO of Fine Healthcare (FHC), an award-winning strategic healthcare marketing and advertising agency.

She drives the company’s creativity and innovation in communication by encouraging time away from the office. Here’s how she makes it work to the company’s advantage.

“At FHC we live by the philosophy of ‘white space.’ It’s removing yourself from the chaos of the day to let your mind breathe and be open to ideas.

"White space is essential for good ideas, and we find that people are more productive, energised and creative when given the space to think. If someone says they haven’t left their desk in days, they must go! Get out and see what’s happening in the world, go do something different.”

How do you ensure your staff are working if they’re out all the time?

“Yes, absolutely. It’s a very outdated idea that someone has to be at the office to get work done. The modern world allows for greater mobility and a company that allows for staff to have lives that meet their needs and wants is a more successful one.

"The trick is in having KPIs and staff knowing the outputs they need to produce. We trust them to do it, and this trust fosters good productivity. As directors we’re also keenly aware of the need for having balance, restoring energy, and being inspired. For that there needs to be strong partnerships built on trust.”

How do you get your white space?

“I’m a working mom, so I use the time commuting to work after dropping the kids at school to think. It’s also not unusual to see me having a conference call in my car while I’m waiting to pick them up after school!

"I also walk regularly and do yoga to restore my energy and balance. But the most important thing I do is to carve out a few days for myself when travelling internationally.

"I go abroad on business every six to eight weeks, and travel is something I thrive on. So when I’m done with business, I make a point of getting out and seeing what’s happening in the world and that rejuvenates and inspires me greatly, and ultimately benefits the business as I’m a more centred leader.”   


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