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Updated 28 Sep 2020

Four steps to getting reignited

Stop feeling frazzled and get your energy back.

Tracey Foulkes, Entrepreneur, 03 August 2012  Share  0 comments  Print

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There is something about this time of year that has many of my clients in a downward slump and dare I say; I’m feeling it to. I am well aware of the tricks to help you and me stay motivated. I’ve reviewed my goals, revised my action list, prioritised according to revenue, incentivised till the cows come home but I’m bored. What makes it worse, I’m bored of being bored.

Like most entrepreneurs boredom is not a foreign concept. Us creatives need to be on the go and when the chill sets in, hanging around in front of the heater seems like an attractive alternative to getting out and doing. But the ying to this yang is we love to get out and do, meet, mix and mingle. Grow and learn.

If you are feeling frazzled, its time to don the black belt and fight the fatigue. It’s time to reignite.

  • SELF TALK: speaking to oneself might be considered as one of the first signs of madness but then how sane are you if you start and run a business. Considering the alternative of wallowing in self-pity, talking yourself into feeling more sprightly is the first step to pulling yourself up from an abyss.
  • TAKE A BREAK: Easier said than done I know, but if a break is what you need, enough with the excuses, it’s best you take one. Unplug your electronic devises and commit to really relaxing. The added bonus of some down-time is increased creativity on your return to the office.
  • GET UP AND OUT: It’s easy to busy yourself with a myriad of to-do’s. Getting sucked into email, social media and other screen intensive activities leaves you feeling underproductive by the end of the work day. Set appointments with colleagues and clients, and get up and away from your workstation.
  • FIND AN ACCOUNTABILY PARTNER: Why stop at one. Our chances of success are infinitely greater when we share our intentions with others.

So the question is; do I allow mid-year, winter blues to sap my energy or do I take charge?

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Tracey Foulkes, Entrepreneur

Tracey Foulkes is a professional speaker and owner of Get Organised, an international professional organising and productivity company. Tracey and her team assist their busy clients and their teams to increase revenue and staff value through their space organisation, time optimisation and life activation methodology.

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