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Updated 29 Sep 2020

Essential communication tips for leaders

Sharing and receiving information is a basic requirement to effectively manage your team. Leaders, however, do more than simply give information. They communicate with their team members in the true sense of the word.

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As an SME owner, you have to inspire your team to greatness. Good leaders have a way of making people feel that they are at the very heart of things, and that what they do makes a real difference to the success of the business. Follow these communication tips to achieve all this.

  1. Pay attention to your employees. It is surprising how little some bosses know about their staff. Listen to what employees say.
  2. Make time for them. Regular one-on-one meetings with your employees are crucial. Talk about their career goals and how you see them growing in their jobs.
  3. Warn people about changes. Don't forget to tell someone the things that they need to know in order to do their job effectively.
  4. Put out a consistent message about your values. Knowing who you are, and what you stand for, can help your employees make better decisions on their own.
  5. Avoid surprises. Confront performance issues immediately. Don't wait for the annual staff review - use this to recap what has already been discussed.
  6. Learn to speak to groups. You don't have to join a toastmaster's club, but make sure you can address groups of staff effectively. If you can't, you will lose credibility.
  7. Don't hide behind emails. Discuss delicate matters in person. When emotions are involved, emails can easily lead to miscommunication.
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