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Updated 29 Sep 2020

Success isn’t only about how well you perform at work

Success; it comes in many forms. For most, it is in the form of work. But holistically, there’s so much more to it than that. 

Skye Littlefield, 29 September 2016  Share  0 comments  Print

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What constitutes a successful person? Is it the first million made by a CEO, sitting at the helm of his own company? What about the positive raising of two children by a stay-at-home mom? Here’s the thing; success is relative. 

Here’s something else; your success depends on you. That said, here are a few things that may help you to achieve your personal goals, whether those goals include millions of rands, or millions of mom-hours: 

Dedicate time to a task for personal growth 

Something as small as practicing calligraphy can have an incredibly positive impact on your mental health. It requires you to focus on something other than your everyday work, but also allows some creative freedom; something you may not be able to use if you’re an accountant or a psychologist. The same can be said for painting, sculpting, and even baking. 

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Exercise, while it is physical, is something that you shouldn’t underestimate when you’re looking for some mental soothing. Think about how fantastic you feel after a powerful yoga class, or a 5km run; your blood flows, your heart pumps, your serotonin production is increased, and you feel great! 

Set work-life-balance boundaries 

Anyone will tell you that to succeed you need to put in thatlittle bit of extra,but oftentimes that evolves totoo muchextra. Take an afternoon off every month to take your significant other on an adventure, or make a promise to yourself that you won’t open your laptop on Saturdays. A little less work means a little more life.

I can guarantee that in a few years’ time you aren’t going to regret those afternoons you spent picnicking with the love of your life, or those Saturdays you spent walking the dogs with the kids in tow. Work is important, but so is happiness. 

Upskill yourself all-round

This may seem like it will encroach on your work-life balance, but I’m not solely talking about business skills here. Studies have shown that bilingualism can help you to think faster, to make better decisions, and may even assist in warding off Alzheimer’s disease. If you dream of holidaying in Sweden one day, perhaps you should learn Swedish. 

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Get out of your comfort zone, and in the process you’ll grow both personally and professionally. That’s what success is, after all.

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Skye Littlefield

Skye Littlefield is a community manager at Flume, with a love for tea, adventure, and books. When not online, she can be found doing yoga in obscure corners of the country.

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