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Updated 29 Sep 2020

The evolution of leadership

Major drivers of change will shape future business leadership. Here’s what you could expect.

Hilda Lunderstedt, 12 April 2016  Share  0 comments  Print

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There are three major drivers of change at play in all economies and all industries affecting all business; and with this the functions and expectations of leaders of business and industries have been changed dramatically.

The three drivers of change are:

  1. The digital revolution
  2. The multigenerational workforce; and
  3. Business as a force for good. 

This has changed the need and expectations of leaders of businesses and captains of industries to learn a whole new set of behaviours and skills.

Gone is the rock-star CEO and in walk the authentic leader. The authentic leader lives the values of the organisation; they are the glue of the organisation and have the ability to build a clear sense of purpose for the teams and the organisation as a whole. 

This new leader style has the ability to create great clarity to teams in a world overloaded with information and it is no more the leader making all the decisions with everyone executing the decisions. The new style leadership sees leader including their staff and teams in the decision making process.

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So how will business leadership look like for the future? Based on what I see in the world this is what I believe leadership is evolving into:

Build a business with purpose

Leaders must build a business with purpose with a positive impact people and planet as the focus.  Leaders must continually ask themselves how their business offering can make the planet and their community they serve, better. The new, younger workforce will simply demand to work for organisations with a social impact where their greater purpose can be fulfilled through their work.

Give feedback on an ongoing basis

Shift from manager to coach and mentor giving feedback ongoing basis. Think coaching teams to achieve goals versus managing teams to achieve goals.

 The workforce of the future will see more functional teams coming together to achieve a goal, and then move on to the next team for the next objective. Teams working from remote workspaces and from different places on the continent will demand a total different skill-set from leaders.    

“Me-and-you” versus “Me-over-you”

Everyone in the team is equally important. The days of the ‘boss’ as the decision maker and staff having no say or voice are gone. A leader’s role will be to ensure they create an environment and culture where people can achieve their individual goals and purpose through their work. In organisations where this is achieved, the results and growth is phenomenal.

Know the right questions to ask

Business -questions

Leadership now lies in knowing what questions to ask. The old model where leaders had all the answers and told the teams what to do has been fading out over the past few years. It is the best leaders who understand that to get the best results, you have to ask the correct questions. There is no information shortage and to remain focussed, the right questions needs to be answered.

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Simplify and interpret the figures

The leaders of tomorrow that will be in the highest demand will be those who can interpret enormous amounts of facts and statistics to make sound decisions. It will be of utmost importance that leaders are able to simplify the business landscape for employees and for themselves in order to stay focussed on their goals and purpose.

As businesses change under these new leaders we will see new services and products emerge at an exponential rate, which will have a substantial impact on the world.

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About the author

Hilda Lunderstedt

As one of the selected few South African female entrepreneurs who achieved phenomenal success in starting, growing and selling a 9-figure company in less than 10 years, Hilda is excited about businesses who will make a huge difference to the world and improve the planet, in the future.

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