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Updated 28 Sep 2020

The path less travelled on the journey to success

Entrepreneurship is not for the fainthearted, it’s a journey of courage and risk-taking in the face of potential failure. These are my hard-earned lessons learnt on the road to success.

Godfrey Madanhire, 15 September 2015  Share  0 comments  Print

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I’ve lived in South Africa for 15 years now. When I originally immigrated to Mzansi I had no home and very little money to my name. But through determination, and belief in my abilities, I succeeded against the odds.

Along my path I’ve had to overcome many obstacles. These are my top tips that every entrepreneur can follow to find success:

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Believe in yourself

Against the will of my entire family I left my comfortable job as a teacher in Zimbabwe, and decided to explore what options were available to me across the border.

Once I arrived it was a lot harder to find employment compared to what I had previously thought. But I persevered, found a job, and worked my way from the bottom to the top. Eventually I was promoted to a managerial role at the company. This enabled me to chase my dream of opening my own company - Dreamworld Promotions.  

When faced with all the obstacles along the way, it would have been easy enough to give up and go home. But I trusted my instincts, and kept moving forward and rolling with the punches. Believing in yourself is an invaluable tool in the pursuit of success.

Do what you love and are good at

My role at my previous company wasn’t my dream job, but I had to stick with it. While in this position I realised that my favourite part of the job was to help others and give advice. This was also true of my role as a teacher. Once I had identified this insight, it became my dream to use these talents.

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I’d been handing out advice to individuals for years and their feedback had always been positive. By taking courses I was able to improve my skills and start my company. Success followed quickly, as it does when you really love your work. When you’re able to find what you truly love, make a plan and chase it - you’ll never regret it!

Build on your success and adapt

When I started my company, at first we only wrote and produced motivational CDs. This business model worked, and still does, but I recognised that my clients were also interested in attending tailored seminars and workshops. I quickly expanded my business to meet these needs and started to get corporate clients interested in my material.

Being able to adapt, build and nurture my previous successes has allowed me to grow as an entrepreneur. Knowing when to take this step forward is about taking it slowly and cautiously, but keeping an open mind and an ear to the ground.

Recently I’ve expanded my business offering into a fully operational team-building lodge - The Dream Lodge. There are many lessons to be learnt along this new path, but I believe that if I stay true to myself and remember to use my strongest traits I will build quickly on my successes.

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About the author

Godfrey Madanhire

Godfrey Madahire is corporate motivation speaker and has spoken at multiple enterprises ranging from staff self-esteem issues, how to plan and set goals, to how to self-motivate. As the CEO, owner and creator of Dreamworld Promotions Mr Madanhire has been there and got the t-shirt when it comes to the entrepreneurial experience. In nine years of running Dreamworld Promotions he now employs 100 members of staff. Mr Madanhire has also spoken about the entrepreneurial landscape of South African from a foreigner’s perspective.

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