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Updated 29 Sep 2020

Tough times don’t last, tough people do

Life guarantees us hard times and sometimes spirit-breaking events. Knowing how to bounce back, so that we can move forward stronger, braver and with more gumption, is key to creating the life and business you desire. 

Petra Laranjo , 30 August 2016  Share  0 comments  Print

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BounceAbility - Definition — (verb) “The ability to bounce back quickly after hardship.” (Source: the dictionary of Petra Laranjo)

I interviewed a wealth of powerful men and women in business as research for my book – business leaders, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and founders of global organisations and brands – but as its Women’s Month, I saw it fit to focus on the women who changed their lives and are impacting the lives of others by owning their power and forging through the challenges.

Each chapter shares how each person slowly moved a step closer to their reality today, by changing limiting beliefs, habits, self-worth and image – both inner and outer perceptions.

Their stories, journeys, life-changing challenges, successes and falls from grace are vastly different but amongst them are commonalities.

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Let’s explore one of these traits here:


Resilience -in -business

We’ve all been there – that dark, challenging, spirit-breaking event in your life when you’ve felt cheated, were misled, bullied, taken advantage of and lied to.

You’ve also risen from those moments and, hopefully, learnt from those valuable lessons to move forward stronger, braver and with more gumption.

You’ve got to be able to bounce back, to push through, to stand up again and quite literally, dig your heels in at times. In business, you will encounter many obstacles but it’s how you overcome each one that will shape not only your business, but you as a holistic person.

One such woman is founder and CEO of South African brand eyeSlices - a beauty product which Kerryne Krause-Neufeldt developed locally and is now stocked in nine countries around the world.

Kerryne is as feisty as she is inspirational. She’s a risk-taker, knows her purpose in life and for her business, and is willing to take the hits. 

In this excerpt from my book, Kerryne shares one of her best lessons to date: “The best lesson for me was when I was taken to the cleaners by business partners in my first business. It’s helped me build strong foundations as a result of that lesson. Trials build character, bring learning, insights and faith.”

Kerryne was able to ‘face the fire’ because she was driven by her vision and purpose. She fought for every victory and every success. She fought her way through every slammed door and disappointment, until she broke through to victory and success. She’s resilient because she didn’t give herself any other choice. Sometimes, you’ve got to be your own driver and motivator. Sometimes you’ve got to pep-talk yourself out of doing nothing, because of your inexperience or past mistakes.

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She’s accepted the responsibility that is her life and says further that: “We are guaranteed trials and tribulations throughout our life. You’ve got to choose your response to that. You can’t play victim when it gets too hard or challenging.”

My suggestion to you is this: Put in the work to discover your purpose. Connect with it and watch how your life and business evolves. Purpose brings resilience, stamina, courage and fervour.

Purposeful people, like Kerryne and the other world-changers I’ve chatted with, live intentionally, are focused, passionate, energetic, and productive, inspired and have the ability to positively influence others. Don’t you think it’s time you adopted these principles too?

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Petra Laranjo

Petra Laranjo is a leading speaker and consultant in the personal branding, employee engagement and client relation management arenas. She has just completed her first book titled, ‘Living On Purpose: The Key to Change Your Life and Impact Others.’ Fourteen years of experience across corporate and entertainment industries have offered her a unique perspective in coaching the thousands of individuals in over 60 companies over the years. She has received various nominations including the FNB/ROCCI Business Woman of the Year.

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