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Updated 24 Sep 2020

Why it’s essential to Spring clean your mind this season

We spring clean our houses, offices and even our bodies, but how often do we do it for our minds? 

Karolina Sky Rafalski, 11 October 2016  Share  0 comments  Print

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Flowers are blossoming and the birds singing. Spring brings a sense of inspiration, a want and need to set new goals, to de-clutter and organise our lives. Throughout the year, we get so caught up in the daily rat race to make a living, to be a success and to achieve something we can be proud of that we tend to try and grab any opportunity we can get our hands on. 

It’s one thing to not let a good opportunity pass you by, but it’s quite another to grab every opportunity that passes by. This type of work overload often results mass mind clutter, which can cloud us from the original goals we set ourselves.

By holding onto too many branches at the same time, we only add to our daily workload and start to become less efficient in what we do, therefore seeing less positive results – becoming despondent, confused and ultimately losing motivation and drive.

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10 Steps to help you spring-clean your mind 

1. Clean up unfinished business

Get the nitty gritty part out of the way, pick a task that you have been putting off for a long time and just do it – Today. You will feel immense relief and see a clear start to set new goals.

2. Go back to setting your goals

What is it that you really want to achieve? Don’t worry about what other people may say or think. What do YOU really want to do?

3. Write everything down

There is something very therapeutic about making lists. Even if you don’t like it, try it. Making lists helps you put things into perspective and helps you visually identify and organise the most important factors. Lists also help you realise that what you may have perceived as overwhelming is actually a lot simpler in reality.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others

What works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you. Reflect on your goals list and create a task list of what is right for you in order to have a clear understanding of what you need to do.

5. Don’t over complicate things

Not everything needs to be difficult and complicated. When it comes to your personal life, rather keep it simple and stay focused.

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6. Stop trying to please everybody

It’s not the end of the world if someone disapproves of something you say or do. Stop trying to measure up to other people’s standards and rather focus on your own.

7. Forgive someone

We often believe that forgiving someone will let them off the hook, but it’s really you that will be let off the hook. We often hold on to forgiveness in order to punish that person, but the truth is that when we forgive others we set ourselves free. Before you say no, try it first.

8. Mind your own business

Before stressing yourself out about something, ask yourself whose business is it really? If it’s not your business, why are you taking up your mind space with it? We are so quick to jump in to sort out other people’s business, but we procrastinate when it comes to our own.

Learn to not get involved and save that energy for your own business, focus your thoughts on personal productivity.

9. Let go of perfectionism

This may be one of the most toxic habits that so many of us are guilty of. If you let perfectionism consume your everyday life, you may never fully be at peace. Accept that nothing in life is perfect, and that is OK, we are all here to learn. 

10. Give yourself praise

We are so focused on pushing ourselves to do better and be better, but how often do we stop and applaud ourselves for how far we have come? It is just as important to write down your accomplishments as it is to set new goals.

Keep your goals list and go back to tick off your what you have achieved. You will feel like a million bucks and be even more motivated to take on new goals and tasks.

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Karolina Sky Rafalski Motivational and Keynote speaker, Businesswoman, Miss SA top 5 finalist, mother, entrepreneur, communications and psychology professional. With a BA Corporate Communications Degree, an honours degree in Psychology and a specialised postgraduate degree in BPsych Psychometrics Karolina has uniquely married these two diverse fields of study. Combined with her public profile platform, experience as a model in image and creating your own brand, communication, PR and public speaking skills, and expert knowledge in the field of psychology, she is able to motivate, inspire and create self awareness in the business sector and to individuals.

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