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Updated 27 Sep 2020

Get the low-down on e-Filing

Still not enjoying the benefits of e-filing? Then it’s time to find out more …

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Electronic filing (eFiling) is an electronic channel between SARS and the taxpayer through which tax forms and tax payments can be submitted online.

Standard Bank's Business Online website links into this online tax service through its Domestic Banking section to enable the bank's customers to make online payments to SARS. It is 100% secure and integrated into the Business-on-Line platform.

eFiling enables you to:

  • View forms and related correspondence.
  • Get a full payment and form submission history online.
  • Access help facilities and online guidelines.
  • Receive reminders via SMS and email.
  • Download and use any tax form, and do payment tracking.
  • Get electronic confirmation of transactions.
  • Request extensions and tax directives.

Access is available from the Business Online home page.

For more information please call 0860 121 192 or email[email protected].

How to use eFiling:

If you are a Standard Bank Business Online customer then:

  • Log on to and click on "Domestic Banking".
  • Submit your tax payment using the eFiling system. Payment instructions will be submitted to Business Online.
  • Your payment will be processed into SARS' eFiling account. Business Online will notify SARS eFiling of the payment.
  • The eFiling system will match the payment confirmation received by the taxpayer and submit a reconciliation report to SARS.
  • The taxpayer is billed for using the system by Business Online.
  • Business Online will generate a report to SARS eFiling.
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