Financial Data
Updated 30 Mar 2020

FREE Cash flow forecast spreadsheets

These spreadsheets will help you with your cash flow forecasting.

Forecasting cash flow with monthly and quarterly spreadsheets

  1. Forecasting your cash flow is important because it enables you to make informed business spending decisions that will positively impact future financial choices
  2. These forecasts are also very useful when approaching funders, business partners or investors
  3. Forecasting can be done by maintaining a monthly and quarterly cashflow spreadsheet
  4. The spreadsheets provide a list of expenses and incomes, a timeline of cash inflows, forecast revenue, spending calculations and predictions on profit or deficit.
  5. Take advantage of online business start-up tools by downloading a comprehensive spreadsheet template
  6. Be sure to document all cashflow and financial activities, so that your figures will be as accurate as possible


BizConnect offers cashflow forecast spreadsheets to assist start-up businesses plan their cashflow into the business so that spending and funding decisions can be made with minimal risk to your business. Monthly and quarterly forecast spreadsheets provide:

  • List of expenses and incomes
  • Timeline of cash inflows
  • Forecasted revenue and spending calculations
  • Profit or deficit predictions


Excel Icon Click here to download: Monthly cash flow forecast (Excel Doc)


Excel Icon  Click here to download: Quarterly cash flow forecast (Excel Doc)