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Updated 30 Mar 2020

10 Tips for a good interview

Hiring the right people strengthens your staff complement and enables your business to grow.

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Don't underestimate the importance of gaining as much information as possible from recruitment interviews.

The job interview is your first opportunity to meet your potential employee. You have to be well prepared to make sure that you gain the information you need to decide whether or not to take the new person on board. These tips should help you do just that:

  1. Review the job description before the interview.
  2. Break the ice - establish a friendly atmosphere by starting the conversation on an informal note.
  3. Set an agenda and time frame for the interview so that your conversation does not get sidetracked.
  4. Keep an open mind. Don't form an opinion too early.
  5. Give the candidate time to tell his or her story; don't talk too much.
  6. Present a truthful picture of your business and the job so that candidates know what they might be getting into.
  7. Listen carefully, concentrate and take notes.
  8. Avoid a detailed discussion of salary too early in the interview. You need to establish if the person is right for the job before you decide how much to pay them.
  9. Be courteous.
  10. Don't leave the candidate hanging - discuss the next step in the hiring process and when next they can expect to hear from you.
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