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Updated 26 Feb 2020

Dr John Demartini on hiring the right people

US business guru Dr John Demartini believes in hiring people who share the values of your company and will add real value to it. 

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Dr John Demartini – founder of The Demartini Institute – has extensive experience when it comes to managing and hiring people. And, for him, a successful hire lies in finding someone that shares the values of your particular company.

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Ask any prospective employee the following question: What would you be doing if money was no object? If their answer does not align in any way with what your company does (or what their job description will be), the employee will struggle to remain motivated in the long run. 

What exactly does this mean? According to Demartini, it means finding someone who has a genuine passion for the work your organisation does, as well as a deep interest in the work you will expect them to do.

“Money will only motivate someone up to a point,” says Demartini. “Someone will only remain truly motivated if he or she finds genuine meaning in the work done.”

Demartini recommends asking any prospective employee the following question: “Ask an interviewee what he or she would be doing if they already possessed all the money they would ever need? If their answer doesn’t align with what your company does, it isn’t a good fit.

“If money became utterly irrelevant, I would still be publishing and lecturing just like I am at the moment,” says Demartini.

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“I’m not motivated purely by money. I genuinely enjoy what I do. The same needs to be true of any new employee. They need to believe in what you do and share the company’s values.” 


  • Ask any prospective employee the following question: What would you be doing if money was no object?
  • Focus on finding employees that share the values of your company
  • Remember that money will only motivate employees up to a point. Managers need to find workers that will be motivated by more than money. 
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