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Updated 29 Feb 2020

Gil Oved from The Creative Counsel on fostering culture

Speaking at the recent 2015 ThinkSales Leadership Convention, Gil Oved made the point that culture is crucial when managing a larger company. 

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“Culture is hard to define,” said Oved, “Yet, when you strip everything away, a company is really nothing more than the culture.”

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Things change when it comes to companies. People come and go. Offices are relocated. Ownership often even changes hands. Yet, despite all of this, some companies have not only managed to grow, they have also managed to keep their company culture intact over a period of decades. How have they managed this? How do they keep moving forward?


Employees are looking for more than money when it comes to work – they are looking for meaning and purpose. In order to facilitate this, you need to pay close attention to company culture. Culture can have a very real impact on the bottom line.

How to capture culture

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Employee turnover is a reality. In fact, millennials very seldom last more than two years at a specific company. So how does one foster a specific company culture, even when you know that a lot of employees will have left within two years?

“It is a process that never ends,” says Oved. “Not only do you need to delineate it very carefully; you also need to scream it out all the time. You have to work it. Your culture needs to be weaved into every aspect of your business.”

Be the culture

For Oved, it is crucial to ‘be the culture’. Defining culture is an ongoing process. You can’t create a set of company values and principles, and then file it away somewhere.

“You need to walk the talk. We’re dealing with a brave new workforce. Workers are looking for purpose, so your culture needs to assist in providing that. Before you grow your business, you need to get your culture right. So often when a company grows, culture gets lost in the process.”

In order to keep The Creative Counsel’s culture alive, the company does everything it can to broadcast that culture. Its culture consists of six core values that are plastered throughout its building, and these values are non-negotiable. Most of these principles are centred on how clients and co-workers are treated. The focus is on treating everyone with respect.

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“Love those around you,” says Oved. “And they will love you back.”


  • Spend time crafting company values that truly reflect what the company stands for.
  • Walk the talk. Broadcast your culture wherever you can.
  • Make sure that your culture is inclusive and aims to provide meaning and purpose to employees.


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