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Updated 26 Feb 2020

How Dlala Nje is encouraging a redefinition of workplace roles

Michel ‘Loopy’ Luptak of Dlala Nje believes that companies need to relook the way in which the roles of employees are being defined.

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Dlala Nje – based inside the famous Ponte Tower in Hillbrow – offers companies a unique ‘immersion’ experience that forces groups of employees (a mix of managers and lower-level workers) to find their way around the inner city of Johannesburg.

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“It opens the eyes of managers,” says Dlala Nje’s Michel Luptak. “Not only do they suddenly have a greater understanding of the struggle workers often have just to get to work, but they also find themselves suddenly dependent on lower-level workers who are familiar with South Africa’s public transport system.”


Are you getting the most out of your people? A redefinition of roles and a willingness to let workers focus on the aspects of their jobs that they actually enjoy might just result in much higher productivity levels.

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According to Luptak, it changes the dynamics of the workplace. “We find that this sort of experience changes the way managers look at their employees. We’re far too used to defining workers in very narrow terms. But the fact of the matter is, people have more to offer – if we’re only willing to let them.”

Luptak started out as an accountant at one of the country’s largest accounting firms, but quit because he found the work unfulfilling.

“I’m a people person. I like speaking to people, but wasn’t given a client-facing role. If I had been given a chance to interact more with clients, I might still be there today.”

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The aim of Dlala Nje is to help companies look beyond those entrenched workplace roles that limit happiness and productivity. One of the company’s most famous clients is Nando’s, which sends organisation members from all over the globe to Hillbrow in order to give them a taste of South Africa’s culture.  


  • Relook the way in which you define your employees’ roles. They can probably offer more, provided you give them the space to do this.
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