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Updated 29 Feb 2020

How managers can drive workforce performance

Buyane Zwane gives key insight into how managers can engage their workforce to develop high performers.

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Speaking at the GIBS Business Breakfast CEO of Breakthrough Development (Pty) Ltd, Buyane Zwane stresses the importance of becoming a leader who is purposeful in executing with passion.

“As a leader it is important for you to be purposeful about being an energiser and driver of your business,” says Zwane.

“Everything that we do needs to be translated into high performance. If you are not inspiring high performance in your workforce then you will find that people who came in with aspirations of success for working in your business and will soon start looking elsewhere for that inspiration.”

Zwane emphasises that leaders need to be deliberate in looking for ways in which they can shift the middle performers and move them towards becoming high performers.

Look to the team

“As managers when working on the team we don’t take time to reflect on the mistakes and understand why things went wrong,” says Zwane. “We need to have a conversation around how do we build and become better by reviewing how we got it initially wrong.”

Understand where your team members’ passion lies so that you can ensure your staff are giving their maximum for the better part of the day that they are working for. In order to ignite this passion leaders need to understand what their passion is.

“People have separate personalities between work and home. Leaders need to find a way to marry these different personalities so that you can get the best from them.”

Build your own stock

Do less poaching and more developing of what you have. Business owners and leaders build a particular culture unique to their organisation.

By developing people within the organisation you can ensure that your culture both stays the same and is embraced by the employees that are already part of your business.

“Build culture and loyalty together,” says Zwane.

“Leaders should be focused on building a vision that people want to be a part of for the future.”

To get employees excited about your business vision leaders need to shift the way they see your organisation.

“What you see and how you see the world determines what you do.”

Treat your human capital as an asset

“Your staff become an asset when you invest in them and help them to see that if they give the best of themselves while they are in the workplace then they will be rewarded,” explains Zwane.

Without a fully engaged staff business owners will not be getting the full benefit of this important business asset. Leaders need to consciously look for ways to marry the employees own story with the business’s story to get the best benefit from them.

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