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Updated 30 Sep 2020

How to cultivate creativity in your business for the year ahead

Full inboxes, congested social media feeds and incessant push notifications; the noise of modern life can distract marketers from creating their best work. The challenge of nurturing creativity in an ‘always-on’ environment is a focus for all marketing teams. 

Andrew MacKenzie, 15 January 2017  Share  0 comments  Print

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Despite its size and scale, we can learn a lot from Google and how it maintains a creative, small-company ethos within its Creative Labs division. It gets employees to focus on ‘scrappiness’, cultivates a challenger mentality, and for its people to always be hungry for opportunities. 

But how else can you foster creativity in your always-on world? Let’s unpack a few ways forward: 

Tune in to your surroundings 

I believe that you can find inspiration from anywhere, and the Boomtown creatives tune into the environment around them all the time. You can’t compare yourself or know what’s hot or not until you actually know what’s in the market. 

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Go and explore, because you can’t try and set a standard unless you know what else is out there. It’s very easy to look at the work you’ve done and be proud, but you must always aim higher. The environment that we work in has become faster and more demanding. If we want to retain our health and creativity, we have to re-organise ourselves to make that happen. 

Build the right environment

Having an office environment conducive to creativity is a big advantage. At Boomtown, we have everything up on the walls for all the different projects we’re working on so we can visualise everything we’re doing. It’s a real creative outlet.

We also have a big open plan office and find that human interaction always helps drive creativity. When we are working on big projects, we have merged teams so business, creative and production and digital can sit and work together. 

Encourage confidence

Although it can be easy to lose focus by getting caught up in daily tasks, getting the right office vibe is crucial for driving creativity since people in a relaxed state of mind produce better work.

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One of the biggest barriers to creativity is if team members feel afraid to voice their opinions or crazy ideas are met with too much skepticism. So it’s very important to feel comfortable around each other. Our whole company structure is very flat, meaning we benefit from everyone’s ideas getting heard.

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About the author

Andrew MacKenzie

As the chief cat-herder of a team of creatives, Andrew has to constantly maintain an objective view on creative concepts, always aiming at big ideas that work for clients. He relies on almost two decades of experience, from his junior designer beginnings through to his current speciality – through-the-line advertising. A people person to his core, Andrew’s skill is drawing the best out of the creative teams he oversees. And how well is he doing it? We’ll let the awards speak for themselves, from the pinnacle of local and international awards shows, including wins at the Loeries, Assegais, Clio's, Epicas and Cannes to name a few.

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