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Updated 26 Feb 2020

How to handle office relationships

We spend more than a third of our lives at work and it is therefore a likely place for employees to meet a partner who shares similar life goals and attitudes. But dating in the workplace can pose problems.

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Follow these guidelines to keep relationship "fall-out" from affecting your business:

  • Encourage staff to keep romantic encounters away from the office so that a sexual harassment lawsuit does not become a company problem.
  • Ensure that all staff (including yourself) are fair and objective when delegating responsibilities or distributing work projects.
  • Do not divulge sensitive information to a personal partner with whom you work, if that information would not otherwise be communicated to an employee at that job level. Make sure that other staff follow suit.

It is critical, especially as your business grows, to anticipate problems and then set up solutions. For instance, you might provide sensitivity training about what constitutes sexual harassment.

Or you might establish a policy that supervisors aren't allowed to date those who report directly to them.

Your goal is to provide a professional atmosphere in which you and your staff can achieve your business's targets. Ideally, the working environment should be pleasant enough that your staff can enjoy themselves while being as productive as possible.

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