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Updated 25 Feb 2020

Productivity police

How to run a productive office without becoming a police state.

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When you’re running your own business, you’re hyper aware of how everything counts towards a business’s productivity. So it’s hard not to feel frustrated and become a little heavy handed when you see Youtube or Facebook open on your team’s computer screens or they spend a little too much time around the water cooler talking nonsense.

You’re not losing your mind either when you feel like time is being wasted in the office. Research suggests that while employees work on average 45 hours per week, 17 of those are unproductive.

While it might be tempting to block all sites not related to work or to become militant with monitoring phone calls and chat time, there are surprisingly easy and effective methods for increasing your employees’ hours of productivity at work. Here we show you stats about productivity and how to find a solution that keeps everyone happy:

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The most common reasons for unproductiveness

It turns out that there are three main reasons for employees being less than optimal during work hours:

  • 32% feel like objective are unclear, there’s a lack of communication between team members, and meetings are ineffective.
  • 31% feel that priorities are unclear.
  • 29% are victims of procrastination.

Some out-of-the-box productivity boosters

No employee likes to feel like they’re a child or that they’re being dictated to about how to spend their time. The good news is that there are things you can do that will make your employees happier which will also increase their productivity:

  • Allow social media and music.A 2009 study showed that when employees were able to visit social networking sites and listen to music during office hours increased their productivity by 9%. Encourage employees to work for an hour and then enjoy a 10 minute Facebook break. Allowing music in the work place, according to a UK study said that playing music improved the atmosphere of the workplace and increased employee morale at 77% of businesses studied.
  • Appreciate your employees.A thank you note or recognition in front of the team can go a long way in increasing productivity. In a survey, 69% of employees said they’d work harder and better if they were given recognition for it.

Quick tips for improving productivity instantly

Use to do lists – write a list at the end of each work day with what needs to be seen to the following day. Then first thing in the morning add anything else that you hadn’t thought of the night before.

Only attend meetings that are vital.

Only answer emails at designated times and try keep it to five sentences or less.

Prepare for the next day in the last 10 minutes of the work day.

Delegate tasks that can be done by junior staff.

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