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Updated 26 Feb 2020

The year is almost gone – Time to plan for 2018

This time of the year is normally spent winding down for the holidays. You could use this time to reflect, plan and begin to engage gears to launch into 2018 at a sprint. Use these simple team exercises in your business before everyone goes on leave. 

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Pause for a moment and reflect back on the last 11 months. Ask yourself, “What have we done well?” and then make some notes. Then ask “What did not go so well?” and make another list.

Once each list is exhausted, make a third column and scribe all the lessons learnt from the first two lists. This is the collective wisdom you have accumulated in the past year. Well done.


Go back to your original list of goals for the year (if you had one) and tick off all the items that have been addressed or completed. High-5.

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Then identify all the items on the list that have not been addressed or completed. Some of these items you will find are now irrelevant and no longer valid in your current business: cross them off.

Circle all the items on the list that now need to be carried over to the new year. For whatever reason they were not done, they still form a part of the goals for the next season.


Now spend time looking ahead and adding to this list new items that need to be achieved. For a more in-depth way of planning, refer to the Strategy planning article posted earlier. This will give you a comprehensive list of new goals.

If possible add some dates or at least months to each item as when they are due and if possible a person or team responsible for the management of the item. You now have a launch pad for the new year. Time to go on leave.


When we go on leave, it is important to treat leave as leave. Too many of us go away from the office, but seem to take the office with us: laptop, tablet and phone. We believe that we are too important to be out of reach and think that a day out of contact will result in a company meltdown. Not true.

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Go on leave and relax, renew and rejuvenate and get ready for 2018. It is going to be a tough year with equal or greater challenges than 2017. But having done these exercises, you will be ready to hit the road at a sprint and already be ahead of the pack from day one.

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Bruce Wade, based in Cape Town, is an Entrepreneur Coach, Speaker, Author and Facilitator of change in today’s ever-changing economy. Bruce through his business, Entrepreneur and Management Solutions has been instrumental in starting or developing over 650 businesses over the past 14 years. Bruce offers practical, easily implemental advice, tools and techniques to Entrepreneurs and Business Owners across the globe.

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