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Updated 21 Jan 2019

Transforming the start-up with a cohesive team

It’s another secret to start-up success – the people.

Chris Ogden , 24 April 2018  Share  0 comments  Print

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A cohesive team.What makes this so important when you’re building a business from the bottom up? Is it because you all want to sit around the coffee maker and beam about how much you all get along? Is it because you want to walk forward as one with almost robotic intent? No. 

A cohesive team is defined as one that shares the same values, the same vision and that is critically collaborative. The key words here are values, vision and critical. These words define more than just a group of people mindlessly moving in one direction. They define the ability of a team to deliver on the end goal more effectively and openly, and in a stable way. If everyone knows and understands their role, then they feel open to voicing their concerns and sharing their views. 

By sharing a common objective and allowing for open discussions so people can express different views, you are creating a team that is far more likely to achieve its goals.

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So how do you create a cohesive team in your business? What steps should every entrepreneur or team leader take? 

  1. Go back to the basics and ensure that your mission and vision are clearly defined. Then communicate this with your team so that they understand exactly what they are working towards and why.
  2. Create an open environment that encourages learning and allows for different skills, abilities and personalities to shine.
  3. Encourage a culture that recognises leaders and winners and pays attention to those who work hard and give their best.
  4. Don’t dictate from the top and then not live up to those dictates yourself. It’s also a really good idea to rather focus on being open to other views and to learning new ways of doing things.
  5. It won’t happen overnight. This level of open engagement and cohesiveness can take years to build successfully. Be patient, work hard, engage with your teams and lead from the front.
  6. Learn from your people. They have just as much to teach you as you may have to teach them.

A cohesive team is so much more than just the goals it needs to achieve, it is the commitment of the people that populate it to create something that takes it to the next level. A level that can really change the culture of your business.

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