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Updated 26 Feb 2020

Warning: You’re about to become a statistic

There’s an 82% chance you’ll hire the wrong manager. Here’s how to dodge the statistical bullet.

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Fact: Worldwide only 13% of employees are engaged in their work. That means 87% of employees are under delivering and it’s affecting your bottom line. Why the lack of motivation? Now that you’ve sat yourself back in your chair, hold on for this fact: 82% of the time it’s because you’ve hired the wrong manager.

Now that you realise just how important for your business your manager is, here’s what you need to know to help you make the right pick.

  • Most disengaged employees are this way because of inconsistencies in being managed
  • Employees have different needs when it comes to morale boosting, motivation and clarity.

The five characteristics of awesome

This is where your manager comes in. Studies have shown that great managers have five characteristics yet only 1 in 10 have all of them rolled into one, while only 2 in 10 have at least some of the characteristics but need additional coaching.

With these low stats in mind, this is why so many managers are ill-fitted to the job. The five characteristics are:

  1. Great managers can motivate every single employee by engaging with them and compelling them to take action on the company’s mission and vision
  2. They can be assertive to drive outcomes and overcome adversity, resistance and challenges
  3. They can and do hold their team accountable
  4. They build relationships that create trust, open dialogue and transparency
  5. Great managers make decisions based on productivity – not politics.

Where things are consistently going wrong

Problem is, when you’re a new company with small profits you can’t always afford to hire the cream of the crop. Here’s the good news though, with the right qualities, management experience can be gained.

Don’t make the mistake of promoting someone to manager because they excel in their current field of work, or because you feel they’re deserving of a promotion. Many companies make those two mistakes thinking, “Well, he’s an excellent salesman, so let’s promote him to being a sales manager.” Bad move.

The skills required for being an excellent sales person don’t necessarily translate into being a great team manager. Not only will they struggle, affecting the rest of your sales team, but you’ve taken your star performer out of the field and this will affect your bottom line.

A great manager can positively affect the bottom line by 48%. So when you’re ready to hire a manager, make sure they tick the five boxes and aren’t being promoted or hired for other reasons.

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