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Updated 27 Sep 2020

4 Marketing changes you should make today

Marketing does not have to be complex or expensive. 

Donna Rachelson, 27 October 2015  Share  0 comments  Print

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Here are four changes you can make to your marketing today that will make it more effective.

1. Prioritise your social media

You really don’t have to be on every social media platform (you’d never have time to do anything else)! But make sure you’re doing a great job on the platforms you do use.

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Narrow down your social media platforms and stick to those that give you maximum return on your effort. Now, get better at those and ditch the rest for now.

2. Look for ways to position yourself and your business as a voice of authority in your niche

We all want an expert opinion when making decisions. Become the expert in your field and share your knowledge.

Write for blogs or trade journals, speak at conferences, do client education sessions or comment on industry forums. Being seen as an expert boosts your credibility with customers, particularly if you’re in a service business.

3. Ask for referrals

Referrals are a very effective way to market your business, because instead of you telling prospects how wonderful your product or service is, your satisfied customers or strategic partners are doing the work on your behalf.

It’s as simple as saying, “Thank you for doing business with us. Do you know of anyone else who might benefit from our product / services?”

4. Remember your existing clients

Statistics tell us that 80% of your business will come from 20% of your customers. It’s easier to sell to an existing customer than to bring in a new one, so don’t forget to market to your current clients.

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Do they know about all the services you offer? How can you help them to solve their business problems? Even if you only have 10 minutes to think about marketing today, you can use that time to make a call and touch base with a key client.

Ensure you’re top of mind and you’ll be more likely to get additional business from customers.

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About the author

Donna Rachelson

Donna Rachelson, branding and marketing specialist, is the author of three books. She has held marketing director positions in blue chip organisations and has a solid business education, including an MBA and is a guest lecturer at GIBS. As a successful businesswoman and investor in businesses, Donna is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and women, uplifting them with her inspiringly practical, strategic guidance. She is Chief Catalyst at Seed Academy - a training and incubation ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Donna recently released her latest book – Play to Win: What women can learn from men in business.

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