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Updated 29 Sep 2020

Three tips for successful marketing

Improve your marketing efforts by focusing on the basics.

Leigh-Ann Fowle, Entrepreneur, 08 August 2012  Share  0 comments  Print

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As an entrepreneur, you are constantly searching for ways to grow your business. The world of marketing is fast paced and ever changing. Many SMEs are realising the value of a well designed and executed marketing strategy. How can you improve your marketing efforts?

Here are three simple yet essential tips to guide you.

1.Develop a marketing strategy

An important part of marketing is deciding where you are, what you what to achieve and how you are going to get there. A marketing strategy does not need to be a complicated document, but you should be able to measure your results and identify the potential customer base that you are trying to attract.

2.Get a professional website

Many consumers – whether in business-to-business or business-to-consumer markets will first interact with a company through their website, and first impressions are long lasting. Having a professionally designed and well-written website is vital but it does not have to be an expensive exercise.

Another important point to remember is to keep your content fresh and updated – nothing is worse than a stagnant website. A blog can be another useful marketing tool but it should be linked to your strategic objectives.

3.Sharpen your marketing material

A brochure is an important marketing tool. There are two basic elements that make up a great brochure – clever design and well-written copy. It pays to remember the audience that you are communicating with – many companies focus on what they think should be included, rather than focusing on their consumer requirements. You brochure should be written with them in mind – what information are they looking for?

As an entrepreneur, you can derive great value from marketing – it just takes a few simple steps to set you up in the right direction.

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Leigh-Ann Fowle, Entrepreneur

Leigh-Ann Fowle is the founder of The Written Word, a marketing and communications agency which focuses on the needs of SMEs. She is passionate about finding innovative solutions to help companies get the results that they are looking for from their marketing efforts. She also runs the Johannesburg chapter of Girl Geek Dinners, a networking group of women in business and technology. For more information, visit: or email [email protected]

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