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Updated 29 Feb 2020

Use Mxit to get your message out

Use instant messaging application Mxit to your business advantage and get noticed by 50 million people.

Tracy Nicol, Entrepreneur, 25 June 2012  Share  0 comments  Print

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Instant messaging and mobile social networking systems are a way of life for the Instant Generation, and it has brought about a change in the way people and businesses communicate.

Connecting millions of users across the world and processing hundreds of millions of messages daily, instant messaging platforms can be harnessed as a powerful communication and advertising tool for businesses.

Why Mxit works

While dozens of applications exist across a number of different platforms, Mxit has set itself apart to become a mobile, instant messaging giant, hosting 50 million global registered users, and dominating the South African market with 10 million users.

What makes Mxit work above and beyond other applications is its’ range. Unlike other instant messaging systems, Mxit is not a limited network like BBM or Whatsapp – it can connect to Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Facebook, AIM and Windows Live Messenger – and user registration and use is free.

Mxit also encourages conversation about brands and products, which in turn enables brands to create their own communities within the app and take advantage of Mxit’s cyber currency, ‘moola’. And, of course, being instant and mobile, Mxit gives advertisers a competitive edge by allowing them to be current and responsive to users.

What to consider

Of the global registered Mxit users, 49% are aged between 19 and 25. If your business is aimed at this demographic, then Mxit is the ideal platform for accessing this group. The next greatest demographic is 15 to 18 year olds at 21%.

Mxit has a gender split of 56% males to 42% females, with 2% undefined.

Making MXit work for you

  1. Splash screen advertising. These full-screen, full colour images appear on screen for a few seconds when a user logs in. Statistics also show that 79% of users log in more than once per day, with an average of four log ins. Prices for advertisements start at around R88 500 for approximately 540 000 users.
  2. Broadcast messaging. This is a text message with no colour or images that is displayed within Mxit. All users who log in on the day a broadcast message is distributed will see the message. Mxit processes millions of logins per day with 69% of broadcast messages being read. Price categories range by timeslot and app, starting at R29 000 for Mxit broadcasts in nonpeak times, to around R95 000 for peak time slots, or R136 000 for 24 hours.
  3. Competitions. The Bandit is a Mxit app used for competitions, surveys, awareness campaigns and content. From here users have access to interactive categories such as competitions, giveaways, and downloadable content. Bandit competitions over a course of two weeks cost approximately R9,500 and include terms and conditions, while Bandit awareness campaigns cost approximately R6,800.
  4. Portals. Instead of relying solely on one or more of the above three tools, businesses can create portals to their own branded community that allows for live feeds, voting polls, and users can download content such as ringtones, wallpapers, games and videos. Development of your own portal begins at approximately R8,000 with a monthly fee of R6 550. Add-ons such as wallpapers, ringtones and video clips cost around R2 800.
  5. Hosted chat zones. Take advantage of Mxit’s communities by creating a virtual world to suit your brand’s personality and create engagement with consumers. Initial set up cost is R8 325, with a monthly fee of R8 325.

Quick facts:

  • Companies currently making use of MXit include: Standard Bank, MTN, RedBull, Adidas, Nu Metro, Samsung, Quicksilver, Cadbury, and Sasol, to name a few. Big name companies such as these bear testimony to the marketing potential and return on investment for advertising on Mxit.
  • Users spend an average of 87 minutes online during a week. Advertising on Mxit opens your business up to a broad audience with multiple exposures to your brand.
  • 7-10% click rate on splash advertising meaning that a large percentage of Mxit users are responding to advertising.

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