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Updated 27 Sep 2020

Getting customer love through multi-media marketing

If you want marketing that works, get out of the silo.

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This year’s Cannes Lions 2014, showcasing the best of advertising, has revealed one of the major trends for marketing moving forward, and that’s to get out of the silo.

Gone are the days where print, radio, mobile, TV and online media in isolation is enough. The buzzword is convergence to create a whole new brand experience for consumers.

One brand short-listed at the awards and a prime example of media convergence is Nivea Protégé for its sun protection campaign in Brazil. 

A new kind of marketing: Creating brand love

Brazilians famously have a love affair with the beach and sunbathing, so it makes sense Nivea would be marketing its sun protection to beach-goers and their desire to protect their children from damaging sun rays.

But they’ve taken protection one step further by addressing a major fear parents have of taking their children to the beach – wandering off and getting lost on a crowded beach.

Through some seriously clever planning and targeted marketing, Nivea found a solution that combines print advertising, smartphones and GPS.

How it works

Nivea ran a print campaign in magazines read women and mothers who enjoy going to the beach.

The print ad has a detachable strip with a built in locator that forms an adjustable bracelet to go around a child’s arm.

Parents then download the Nivea Sun app, calibrate and identify the bracelet with the app, and set a perimeter allowance a child is allowed to run freely in.

When the limit is exceeded, the parent is alerted on their smartphone, allowing them to relax and keep tabs on their child at the same time.

The radar built into the app lets you see when you move toward or away from the locator, helping you find your child.

Pretty cool right? What makes this bracelet more remarkable is that it’s printed on tough, humidity resistant paper, and can be used more than once.

How does this translate into brand love?

Nivea has addressed two major concerns of parents, letting them relax and enjoy themselves more: They know their children are protected from harmful sun damage, and they always know where their children are through above and beyond customer service.

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