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Updated 30 Mar 2020

Harness digital space’s infinite possibilities

Three points to think about when building your digital space.

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Nick Durrant is the MD of digital production agency, BlueGrass Digital, and knows a thing or two about harnessing digital marketing, campaigns and online projects.

In fact, he believes digital is becoming the glue that binds all elements of a killer marketing campaign together. Sound like something you want for your business?

He discusses three points you should consider when building your own digital space.

  1. The role of social media in digital.“The rise of social media in marketing, coupled with more South Africans accessing information on their smart, mobile devices, is having a profound impact on the way we do business and how we deliver projects and technology,” says Durrant. “And since social media is a powerful influencer, South African businesses can really benefit from a digital strategy and particularly one including social media.”
  2. Digital trends to keep an eye on.“With smartphones and devices becoming increasingly accessible and affordable, the growth in mobile is a big focus as it’s the key to unlocking growth in the African market. Mobile has been under-utilised in the market place for years, and high costs associated with a laptop or desktop and mobile Internet data costs falling, it’s clear that for many users, their first Internet experience is on a mobile device. This is set to accelerate e-commerce,” says Durrant.
  3. When to go digital. “The answer is now. Every company can benefit from a digital strategy and it needn’t be a costly exercise. To create a digital strategy follows the same principles of a traditional marketing plan. You need to determine the reasons for the campaign and the KPIs. The great thing about digital is that it’s highly measurable and often immediate.”
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