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Updated 30 Sep 2020

Keeping your business youthful with effective mobile marketing

If you grasp the importance of youth, and the beauty of youthful love and optimism, you can develop more impactful marketing tactics. 

Rhyse Crompton , 06 May 2017  Share  0 comments  Print

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Start-ups and new businesses have grown in a world of fast-moving technological development. A lot of the time, young business owners are comfortable with said technology and often encompass technology-heavy marketing principles in their marketing campaigns.

Unfortunately, a lot of ‘old dogs’ in the trade are hesitant to invest in digital marketing, which can be disastrous in the case of a new start-up. If a business does not condition its marketing toward users in the mobile space, they will be alienating what is becoming the world’s most important consumer; the Millennial.

The numbers you need to know

According to recent statistics compiled by Smart Insights, media time spent on mobile devices by the youth is split between app usage and mobile website usage. But, the split is not even.

89% of users spend their time devouring content delivered via apps, compared to 11% over mobile-friendly websites. This means that mobile apps are a much more powerful means of delivering content to your users.

However, these statistics are representations of American and European users. To create the brand trust and thought leadership necessary to attract users to your business’s app in a country like South Africa is challenging.

What is important to note is this:The argument isn’t about whether to use mobile digital marketing practices or not. Mobile advertising and marketing practices are here to stay.

More than 50% of users exclusively use their mobile smartphones to access content online. They make up the largest share of international marketing voice over the likes of tablets, notebooks and desktops.

If you are still in two minds as to whether you require a mobile friendly website, you risk being left in the dark ages. If you are pondering the development of a mobile app for a business that caters directly to the consumer, you should rather devote your time toward planning the investment today.

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Make the change toward mobile

If your business requires an online presence then you should already have a mobile friendly website.

Most (if not all) website building platforms have integrated mobile designs into their offering. This means that every digital marketing and design agency can and will build a mobile friendly site. So, what else should be important when addressing a mobile user?

  • Direct response copywriting must be the name of your copy game. Provide users with easily-digestible content, and take them from point A to point B in your sales or information pipeline as simply as possible.
  • Don’t overcomplicate website design and offerings. Too many options, categories, adverts and calls-to-action can make a mobile-friendly website look cluttered.
  • If you have the capital, as well as a product or service catering to the consumer rather than blue-chip businesses, then you should seriously start developing that app.

App approved

If I haven’t sold you on the idea of app development already, then consider the following:

  • App development does not require a development team or an information technology specialist. There are countless app builders that you can test online right now. Some even have free templates that will allow you to create free demos on which to test your development skills.
  • If you don’t have the time or will to do this yourself (and you don’t think it warrants the attention of your business’s resident technophile) then you can easily hand the development project to a digital marketing agency. Furthermore, they won’t be quoting you high app development prices anymore; because digital marketers also make use of online app-building tools.
  • An app is a perfect store-front for your business. Additionally, with the bonus of always appearing on a smartphone’s window, the user is likely to return to your digital store-front again and again.

Go on. Get ‘em

Like a fine wine, businesses can age well. New businesses with old owners are in a unique position to leverage the owners’ experience as well as make use of the wonderfully innovative technology on the market. Young business owners have the advantage of having grown up alongside said innovations, and should be using them to their own profiteering.

Let’s make a few conclusions:

The first is that, if you haven’t embarked on a new, fresh, clean, simple mobile-friendly website design then you must act on this immediately.

Second, app development is absolutely crucial if you want to remain attractive to a young, Millennial market.

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Rhyse Crompton

Rhyse Crompton is a director of Optimal Impact, a digital conversion optimisation start-up based in Johannesburg. With a number of content marketing, SEO, CRO, social media marketing, and PPC marketing tricks up his sleeves, he is determined to take his business to the top of the digital marketing plateau. Alongside his business partner, Slindo Ngubane, the duo are passionate about assisting businesses of all sizes to improve their digital presence.

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