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Updated 21 Jan 2019

Key insights on influencer marketing for businesses

Attention spans are getting shorter and algorithms are making it more expensive to reach audiences. So, how do brands go about gaining the customer reach they need?

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One of the best ways to attract customers is through influencer marketing. It may sound obvious but here are a few key insights on influencer marketing and how to maximise your ROI from a campaign.

The concept was best described to me as follows:

‘Does your brand have partnerships advocating on your behalf, or are you the only one tooting your own horn?’

Consumers are continuously looking for purchasing advice and validation. Word-of-mouth from an influencer program can provide brands with a much stronger ROI than self-promotion, forming a substantially deeper trust in your company’s products and/or services.

Here’s a tip: An influencer has built a strong and trusting relationship with their followers. Their endorsement highlights their trust and belief in your brand, and in return, encourages their followers to trust your brand.

Remember it is an ecosystem

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Influencer campaigns need to be targeted, and wise companies will ensure that influencer campaigns fit into a greater ecosystem of content and community building.

All campaigns need to point to a hub of content to retain that consumer and build loyalty – align your content calendars.

Ignore the big numbers and focus on engagement

If you want to get in front of your consumer and engage them, it’s vital that the influencer has a dedicated audience who will engage you as the brand as they will be the followers who will go out and buy the product or service.

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Large numbers are deceptive as there may be many ‘bots’ and simple fanatics who have no interest in what the person is saying and is only interested in who the person is. Focus on engagement metrics.

Be targeted

The power of social media and digital is the ability to draw statistics and data to ensure your campaign reaches audiences who actually would be interested in what you offer.

Demand to know your influencers demographics and be wise in choosing who has the demographic of your desired consumer. Don’t simply go with a big name as it won’t have the power you need in terms of return and it will cost you a whack load more money.

How much do I pay?

This is a tricky one. Most influencers have rate cards that they decide on based on numerous factors including industry standards, previous campaigns, what they believe to be their value etc.

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However, it always helps when brands have an idea of how much they are willing to spend. Have a figure in your mind that you can justify and negotiate with the content creator.

Hand over (some) control

Influencers know their audiences best. Allow the influencer to guide you in terms of content they know their followers will enjoy.

Their followers are there because they find your influencer authentic and hang on their every word. If you want to engage them and not isolate them, allow the influencer to suggest content ideas and how to incorporate your brand.

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