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Updated 26 Feb 2020

Quick tips to make your e-newsletter tops

Email inboxes are awash with e-newsletters these days. Want to know how to make yours stand out from the crowd? Just follow these tips.

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Many businesses today offer an electronic newsletter to their customers and potential customers. However, some e-newsletters are better than others.

If you want yours to fall into the "better" category, it is important to understand what you want to achieve and the ways you can use this marketing and communication medium.

One of the most important reasons for producing an e-newsletter is to stay in your customers' thoughts. You can achieve this by sending it out regularly.

Those small businesses that neglect to produce their newsletter faithfully may quickly be forgotten by consumers. Your customers will remember you if you keep up your mailings.

Another way to use this avenue of exposure for your small business is to give good information for the customers' own uses.

Your e-newsletter stands a better chance of being read if it is interesting, objective and genuinely helpful to the consumer than if it is filled only with blatant promotion of your products.

This former makes people more inclined to buy your products and services; the latter is simply annoying.

You can use your e-newsletter to explain the need for your products and services. Most potential and even current customers might not know about all your products or even the extent to which your goods and services can meet their needs.

Your newsletter is one opportunity to tell them. Keep them interested by providing them with a publication they can count on.

The concept of an e-newsletter (much like a printed newsletter) is simple: "Add Value" to your current or potential customers. The more value you add, the better.

Only once your customers understand why they need your products and services, should you start educating them on exactly what you have to offer.

Your customers will appreciate your newsletter more if you use it to inform them of news in your industry or even company news that will benefit them.

As you keep them up to date on the latest happenings in your business, you can also include articles on how your company is keeping up with the times. In this way your newsletter serves both you and your customers' purposes.

Whatever you do, do it to enhance your customers' experiences with your business.

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