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Updated 25 Feb 2020

Sindile Xulu's success blueprint: Plan. Process. Precision

Founder of Teacup Projects, Sindile Xulu on how to create excitement and buzz around your new product.

Nadine Todd, Entrepreneur, 02 June 2015  Share  0 comments  Print

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Vital Stats

  • Player: Sindile Xulu
  • Company: Teacup Projects Flagship project: Royalty Soapie Awards 2014 and 2015
  • Est: 2013

Ask yourself

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Before Sindile Xulu launched her own business, she was the head of hospitality for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. A strong focus on processes and an understanding that success lies in the details ensured that she was able to co-ordinate large teams to deliver excellent service, on time and to brief, at maximum efficiency.

It’s a skill that has informed her own business decisions and strategies since launching Teacup Projects, which specialises in mega events, has made Xulu’s 3Ps principle its core tenet.

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Attention to detail

Xulu first started conceptualising the 3Ps after researching Japanese tea ceremonies. “I’m a great lover of teas, and the more I learnt about these ceremonies, the more I saw how the philosophy can revolutionise the way we do business,” she says.

“The Japanese take their tea ceremonies very seriously. It’s a process, from how it’s prepared, to the utensils used, the precision taken in serving the tea, and even the nurturing of the soul before entering the ceremony.

“In my experience, whether you’re planning an event, vacation or renovation, it’s all about having a laser attention to detail, from the spirit of what you’re trying to achieve, to the steps taken to fulfil the vision and the tools used along the way.”

Xulu developed the 3Ps based on these ideals: Plan properly, follow a process, and establish precision – Plan, Process, Precision.

Delivering excellenceGolden -star _achieving -excellence

“I follow this in everything I do. It didn’t happen overnight. I’ve found that as my career and my own business have developed, I draw more on who I am and what I believe to lay the foundations for success. Success doesn’t happen spontaneously. It takes work and discipline. The processes I personally follow are the same disciplines that make a project a success, or a meeting.

“Articulating the 3Ps means it’s not just something I inherently follow and embrace though. It’s now a principle that anchors my brand. It’s clear what I offer, and the discipline that is used to achieve our goals. I believe in consistency.

“The stakeholders who work with you should know exactly what they should expect. This is as true of clients as it is of employees and contractors. You need to know who you are if you want to deliver excellence.”

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