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Updated 29 Feb 2020

10 Online security tips

Cyberspace is not a warm and fuzzy place. In fact, it is home to fairly nasty characters whose sole purpose in life is to wreak havoc. Follow these tips to stay out of their clutches.

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The access to information that is inherent to connectivity has an unfortunate downside. Here's how to make sure that your information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

  1. Make sure you have a security policy in place that is updated regularly. It should cover how security will be implemented and should define employee roles and responsibilities.
  2. Allocate different passwords to each account and change them regularly.
  3. Update your virus protection software and scan all the files on your computer periodically.
  4. Use a firewall to filter out unauthorised or potentially dangerous types of data from the Internet. Firewalls also ensure that unauthorised individuals cannot gain access to your computer while you are connected to the Internet.
  5. Do not keep computers online when you are not using them.
  6. Do not open email attachments from strangers, regardless of how enticing the subject line or attachment may be.
  7. Limit sharing. Downloading files from the Internet via file-sharing networks can make your computer vulnerable to viruses or give someone access to your files without you realising it.
  8. Check security settings regularly.
  9. If anyone else uses your computer, or your network, make them aware of proper security practices. It only takes one mistake to bring down an entire system.
  10. Protect your server properly. If it is compromised, your entire network is at risk.
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