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Updated 29 Sep 2020

10 Tips to protect your information

You can have the best firewalls and electronic monitoring systems, but human error remains the biggest risk to information security.

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These 10 tips will help your staff to safeguard the company secrets:

  1. Never, ever give out or share user IDs or passwords.
  2. Be careful not to accidentally give away or lose any company proprietary information.
  3. Do not connect any computers, modems or other equipment to the corporate network without permission.
  4. Only use licensed and authorised software.
  5. Protect your workstation: use screen savers and always remember to log off.
  6. Back up your files on a regular basis, and store the backups in a secure location.
  7. Always check email attachments, as well as any new or downloaded software with anti-virus software.
  8. Treat email messages with the same care that you do company stationery. You cannot "unsend" an email and it usually has the company name on it.
  9. Always shred or destroy sensitive information on paper, disk or tape.
  10. Report security incidents promptly.
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