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Updated 30 Sep 2020

5 Tips for your techno strategy

Technology is an unavoidable cost of doing business.

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Without technology you will lose time, customers and your competitive edge. But like any major investment, a good return on your technology investment requires strategic thinking and a proper plan.

Use these five tips for a shipshape technology strategy:

  1. Does your technology strategy make business sense? If you cannot quantify the business benefits and goals, you probably shouldn't do the project.
  2. Make sure you understand the risks associated with a particular IT system, and ensure that your strategy includes ways to manage this risk.
  3. Build up a mutual understanding between your IT expert or consultant and your key decision-makers, to make sure that IT resources are prioritised according to business needs.
  4. Think of technology as an enabler, rather than a mere expense. Budget is obviously important, but even low-cost purchases should be dictated by a sound technology plan.
  5. Plan from the bottom up. Start with an operating system that allows you to spend less time maintaining your PC and more time adding strategic value. Systems like Microsoft Windows Vista Business include built-in protection, update and search tools, mobile technologies as well as a new user interface that makes it easier to navigate between applications. For details see Microsoft South Africa's small business web page.

REMEMBER: Technology is only as good as the thinking behind it.

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